In 2012, I started making records with a very hands-on and involved approach. From recording my own bands, to friends' bands to eventual clients, I have always viewed the recording process to be as vital as the songwriting itself.

I graduated from University of New Haven with a bachelors in Audio Engineering, where I spent the majority of my school time recording bands and working in Foley Production. From 2015-2018, I began my freelancing career both through mobile rig recordings and a home studio named "The Turret Tower" in Naugatuck, CT, which has since closed its doors.

Having packed up and moved to New York, I am available for both freelance or mobile audio work, as well as dictation and directional assistance in ADR and Foley Work and offsite mixing and mastering.

Upcoming projects:

Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold LP3 (recording/producing)
The Most LP2 (recording/producing)